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3 Smart Investment Ideas for First Time Investors

Hello everyone.

Today, I was thinking about you – your present and your future.

Thinking about how your present can be attuned to meet your unique needs of today, and how your future can be aligned with your financial goals of tomorrow.

I know, you too have been thinking the same — and for quite some time.

What’s Stopping You?

So, what’s stopping you from achieving what you have been thinking about?

My guess? It is probably a lack of plan—not knowing what to do. Because first of all, you don’t have any investment experience and that automatically rules out popular options such as stock trading. You have never been able to understand indexes and how it all really works. And secondly, your finances are limited—you don’t have much money to invest.

Is this what’s stopping you?

If so, I can provide some smart investment ideas to help you. Ideas that won’t require a great deal of expertise, are convenient to implement and carry minimal risk.

Want to know which ideas am I referring to?

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1)    Peer-to-Peer Lending

It is an investment idea that is fast gaining traction. With peer-to-peer lending, also known as social lending, you lend money to small businesses for short term.

Now you may wonder, why borrowers might approach you instead of applying for a traditional loan?

To answer that,

  • Firstly, not everyone qualifies for traditional loans.
  • Second, their need for capital might be immediate and they cannot afford to wait for long – an inconvenience that comes with when applying at banks and conventional financial intuitions.

If you are looking for a platform where you can access a pool of borrowers, then Lending Clubis a great place to start with. Here you can easily find borrowers, with the platform providing a solid rate of return.

The great thing about peer to peer landing is that your investment is distributed over many borrowers which reduces the default risk.

2)    Real Estate Investment

The oldest and the most reliable investment strategies, promising great returns.

You might be thinking, how real estate investment fits into “not much money to invest” equation? Admittedly, it does not. But there is a way you can arrange for the capital.

Hard money lenders – have you ever given thought to this potential financing source? If not, then you should do it now. And no, hard money lenders are not loan sharks. And they can provide you with real estate financing to up to 80% of the property you are interested in buying.

All you need is a property that promises high return on its re-sale value (this will essentially be a part of your exit strategy as well) and a collateral to secure the loan.

What type of real estate investment should you look into?

Fixer uppers remain the most popular option. You can also look into renting a real estate to a medical marijuana grower or distributor considering that the industry is experiencing a boom.

3)    Gold – It Will Always Remain Valuable

No matter what anyone says, gold will never be an outdated investment and remains the safest of all options. You can purchase it in the form of jewellery, bullion bars or coins and store it in a locker.

  • Inflation does not affect it.
  • Gold always remain in demand.
  • Some experts believe its value will rise to $10,000 an ounce by the time the next economic meltdown happens.

Even a small investment can prove to be worthwhile for the future.

And with that, we come to the end of another educational and insightful piece.

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