Avoiding Car Theft

In a perfect world, your home, cars and family members would be safe from any kind of harm or accident. Unfortunately, some areas of the country are known to have more criminal activity and the amount of car theft or vandalism may vary from one geographical location from the other. Sometimes you can’t help where you live but there are ways to protect your property from theft. In this post, Gregg S. Marcus, a Long Island Insurance Executive gives some tips to drivers can follow to protect their vehicle.

Never leave your car unlocked or running while unattended
The easiest way you can keep your car safe from criminals is to keep it safely locked when it is unattended. Never walk away from your vehicle without checking one last time that all of the doors and windows are secured.

Don’t leave any valuable personal property visible in your car
The best way to attract a thief is to leave a purse or another high-value item in a highly visible area of your car. If you must put something of value in your car, keep it in the trunk or hidden under the seats, where it is not visible from outside the vehicle.

Never leave a spare key near your vehicle
It is common for people to keep a spare key under the car in case they get locked out, and thieves know this and will use it to steal your vehicle!

Park in well-lit, public areas
Avoid parking your vehicle in areas that are poorly lit or places that are not easily seen by the public. This will not only keep you safe when you exit the car, it will also help keep your car safe because thieves tend to avoid areas that are highly visible.

Install an alarm system and a visible anti-theft device
Car thieves tend to avoid cars with alarms or anti-theft devices because they attract attention when they go off. These devices are definitely worth the investment.

Install a GPS tracking system like LoJack or OnStar
When your car is stolen, this will emit a signal to the police with your vehicle’s location. This may help the police recover your vehicle faster and may minimize the damage to your car. This may be a good investment if you live in an area with high auto theft rates.

Lastly, use common sense. If you are wary of the safety of your car or see someone loitering around a parking lot, it’s best to park somewhere else. If you live in Nassau County or Suffolk County on Long Island in New York, and are shopping for a new car insurance company, contact Gregg S. Marcus today for a quote.

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