I'M Gregg Marcus

Humanitarian. Philanthropist. Commercial lending
and insurance professional.

Gregg Marcus

Humanitarian. Philanthropist. Commercial lending and insurance professional.


Based in New York, Gregg S. Marcus is a humanitarian, philanthropist and commercial lending and insurance professional, providing comprehensive guidance and assistance to clients nationally and internationally.

I discovered my passion for philanthropy at a young age. Growing up, I had a strong urge to give back to the society I grew up in. Not only do I spend a lot of my time, effort and money to support several charitable organizations—the Hineni Heritage Center, the Long Island Children’s Museum and the Sunrise Day Camp for Children—I’m also one of the founding members of the Jericho Jayhawks Boosters Association in Long Island, NY.

If you need any kind of commercial lending and insurance service—such as real estate, business, property and casualty, and so on—get in touch with Gregg.

Email : gregg@greggmarcus.com
Website : www.greggmarcus.com

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Due to his extensive charitable contributions across the country, Gregg Marcus was presented with the Interfaith Committee of Remembrance Humanitarian Award in 2002.
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    Commercial Lending

    With extensive experience in commercial lending and insurance, Gregg Marcus has assisted countless clients in achieving their goals.

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    Gregg marcus News

    Gregg S. Marcus provides information on a variety of financial subjects, including real estate, insurance and more. Don't miss the latest news! Sign up for his newsletter now!

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    Gregg Marcus has extensive expertise and experience in handling multiple insurance policies, including personal, property and casualty, business and more.


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